Life Happens, No one is Exempt…

Life Happens and No one is Exempt………………………..

Have you ever heard the expression? “I don’tlife2323 wish this on my worst enemy”? It implies, something one would say, in order to emphasize that something is extremely unpleasant.

Those were my exact words, at a not so grand moment in my life. Although, it didn’t seem like a moment, but more like a lifetime.

At the time, I couldn’t see pass the days in front of me because of the fear and anxiety that I had allowed to crowd my mind.  I cried quite a bit I must say, overcome by hurt & the pain of rejection and uncertainty of what was to come.

As I share this post, I can honestly say I have made it through that dark period in my life and have emerged with such a greater sense of self, myself. It was then, that I realized that the fear and anxiety I experienced were largely, what I myself had internalized.

Yes, the situation was chaotic and the pain I was experiencing was very real. But my perception (although dismal) at the time and the way I handled the situation, were results of conscious reactions based on a rollercoaster of unstable emotions.

I know you are saying how can you say that? Pain is real and when we go through it, there’s no mature way to handle it. But! I beg to differ.  Knowing what I know now I can say with as surety, that we are our own filters of what we allow to negatively impact us in our day to day living.  It is our own perception and our own choices, more so our conscious behaviors that largely determines, how we go through life’s trials.

I say once again, Life Happens and No one is Exempt, regardless of who you are and the position you may assume in life. It is the trials of Life that teaches us what we are made of.

After which, we emerge knowing what it is we truly believe. What I celebrate most is the fact that in such uphill battles, there is recompense. Recompense in the form of wisdom, strength and purpose, gained as a result of life’s experiences, good or bad.

My favorite go to from my word bank is, “Been there, done that, won’t go back no more, no more, no more, no more”! At least that is my hope, never to allow life’s challenges to cause me to act otherwise un-seemingly again……after all I have wisdom, strength and purpose on my side!

 If today or tomorrow you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, consider the following tips;

  • Never lose Hope: Hope will continuously give you something to live for and to look forward too.

  • Engage: I have adopted the scorched earth concept. It is a military strategy which involves destroying anything negative (memories, relationships, etc.) that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through (Life).

  • Forgive: Chose to forgive, sooner rather than later…by doing so you take back your power to live.  Remember also to forgive yourself too.

  • Allow yourself the space and time to heal: This is tricky because it is easy to constantly re-live the hurt, nurse the memories/details of the hurts. It’s okay to take time to heal but by all means do not re – victimize yourself.

  • Accept Responsibility: by doing do it relieves you from the victim mentality. No one did anything to you, for which you did not first allow….

My prayer is that you put your trust in the one who will never leave you nor forsake you. It is only He who can and will strengthen you for this journey called LIFE.  #jwb


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