Passion & Purpose Beyond Trauma

trauma23It is true that we all have a natural resistance to processing trauma. In fact it’s probably one of the main roadblocks in our path to recovery and reaching our life’s purpose . It is obvious why we deny, and dissociate from the trauma: the memories cause us pain and discomfort. But ultimately these past pains must be integrated into our consciousness if we are to mend the wounds in our sense of self.

Quote: There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton

It is important for us as individuals to understand the impact that Trauma has on our own personal belief systems.

  1. How we perceive the trauma (wound)

  2. How we ultimately react to the trauma (wounding)


Defined (noun) – an event in which a person witnesses or experiences a threat to his /her own life or physical safety or that of others and experiences fear, terror or helplessness. Trauma is derived from the Greek word wound.

Common negative beliefs associated with big-T trauma:

“I should have done something.” “I am powerless.” “I can’t protect myself.” “I am in danger.” “I am weak.”

Common negative beliefs associated with little-t trauma:

“I am insignificant.”  “I am a failure.” “I am unlovable.” “I can’t trust anyone.” “I am broken.” “I don’t deserve to be happy.”


Exercise: Take a few minutes and define trauma or share what you think it means to you. Trauma vary widely and the variety shows that trauma means different things to different people. Some of the more common answers include;

  • A horrible experience that changes your perception

  • An event that exceeds one’s ability to cope

  • Being stuck in some past state due to shock/horror

  • When the past holds you hostage, making you feel like you have no choices

  • A life threatening or ego-threatening event

  • Not being able to move through a bad episode from the past

List one or two areas in which you /have experienced trauma?


In fact, you may feel the effects of these traumas for many years, even for the rest of your life. Sometimes you don’t even notice effects right after the trauma happens. Years later you may begin having thoughts, nightmares, and other disturbing symptoms. You may develop these symptoms and not even remember the traumatic thing or things that once happened to you.

Now is the time not only to identify the Trauma (small or large) but most importantly to evict it from further hindering you from pursuing your core passion/purpose in life., , Three defining steps in which to take when  evicting Trauma from your life forever;

  1. Re-Define your role from that of Victim to that of Victor….

  2. Re-write your story not in the form of intrusive symptoms but rather as an Overcomer.

  3. Re-Integrate by not just making that commitment but by taking steps to move forward in life with this NEW reality and NEW life narrative.

Once you have Re-DefinedRe-Written and Re-Integrated into your NEW reality and NEW life, you will find that Passion and Purpose truly does exist beyond Trauma.

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