Who Moved My Cheese?

In many ways when we are faced with problems and/or situations, that prove to be too challenging to our sense of self, we resist the idea of the need to change. Such resistance will eventually impact us in every aspect of life. Instead we spend unnecessary time hoping that things will go back to how it was.

Recently I revisited a book titled “Who Moved My Cheese”. When I initially read the book it helped me to make some much needed changes in life, quickly. I would like to share a summary of the 7 key secrets of the book here;

  1. Change Happens (get used to it)

  2. Anticipate Change (look for it always)

  3. Monitor Change (Keep your eyes open)

  4. Adapt to Change (Move or Lose)

  5. Change (Move with the Cheese)

  6. Enjoy Change (Take the adventure)

  7. Be Ready to Change Quickly (because the cheese will keep moving)  (Johnson, 2012)

Remaining in a place of denial too long cripples your ability to move on to new cheese. If you don’t change, you stand the chance of becoming extinct. For which the risk is too great – SO INSTEAD MOVE!

MOVE and relocate your cheese, that cheese represent your already established resources. Your already proven methods and strategies. Don’t lose the ground gained because you refuse to change, to re- evaluate or refresh the vision. 


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