When Faith Doesn’t Add Up

As it is told over and over again, in the first year of growth for the Chinese Bambo Tree, we see no visible signs of activity.  Again, in the second year of the Chinese Bambo Tree still there is no growth above the soil. The third and the fourth are the same,  no bambo Treesigns of anything. Finally in the fifth year – behold, a sign of growth (above soil)! What wasn’t obvious to the human eye in that five year process, was the progress of the Chinese Bambo Tree,  a thin tall woody plant that grows in rainforests and the mountains of central China. Far beneath the surface it grew underground, developing  a strong root system required to sustain life as it finally grows to its potential of up to 80 feet in just six weeks!

The same principle is true for us as humans along life’s path as we faithfully work toward our dreams and goals.  If we are not careful, we could find ourselves spinning in a paralyzed state –  questioning, when will I be rewarded? When will I  see – visible fruits of my labor? This state of worry takes our focus off of what is most important…the process …. the building/preparation phase.

There are many lessons to be learned from the illustration of the Chinese Bamboo Tree, some of them are;

  • Growth is not always seen immediately

  • Never despise the process of starting small

  • Take the time necessary to develop a strong foundation

  • We are not exempt from adversity and/or challenges – stay encouraged

  • All of the above is essential for sustaining latter results (Growth)

In the end and as always the reality is, the Chinese Bamboo Tree requires nurturing  (watering, fertilizing of the soil, and sunshine) even though there is no visible sign of growth.

This too holds true for you and I. With the end in sight continue to press toward the mark, believing in the midst of the unseen. Your reward is pressing through even though you cannot see it. The pressure of a strong foundation and upward  momentum is bound to break through soon.

My prayer for you: May you have the strength to endure beyond what is unseen in order to reap what will soon spring forth in great magnitude – your reward awaits.  –Shalom

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