Daddy’s Way

A male friend told me once, when it comes to relationships that I’m too strong of a woman. He said that I need to be less in order to let the man be more.

What my male friend didn’t know at the time was, my daddy raised me that way. Why? because he (my daddy) said, “he didn’t want his daughters to ever, have to depend on a man for xxxx.”  You see, as a man and a father he recognized that his daughters would have to one day stand strong. She would need the spirit of independence to stand on her own when & if she ever found herself alone. That hardworking man and dedicated father shaped my life for the today, in which I stand.

Over the many years, I have learned the that it takes a strong man to lead a strong a woman. (No compromise there) And an even stronger woman to know when to step back and let her King lead. So when you see me dictating ish & standing in a strong (wo)man’s place – don’t judge – just know my daddy stands strong in me. – …I AM a better person for it…… (Daddy’s Way)…. 🖤

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