These Mondays Just Keep On Coming

“These Mondays Just Keep On Coming” to that I say “Good Monday Morning”….. How else will we get better at facing and ultimately overcoming the Monday blues, if we don’t first change our mindset about it, see it different, then move positively to conquer it……..

Getting over any obstacle (whether Monday blues or otherwise) requires effort…. First, try to see the obstacle(s) as an opportunity to grow you, to grow your mindset (growth mindset). Relinquish the thought of the obstacle being solely a threat. Remember that limited perception serves as a barrier to achieving the desired goal and thus affects how you will react.

Imagine this (close your eyes, allowing yourself fully in this space); you see this huge bolder (obstacle) rolling toward you. You are focused solely on the obstacle. Immediately, your mind (negative self talk) tells you that there is no way around it or over it. Your heart begins to pound, the feeling of panic, failure, and overwhelming emotions all show up to seal the deal. Ultimately, you’ve already defeated yourself.

Now to retrain the mind, lets insert an alternate ending that goes a little something like this. You see the bolder and your first instinct is to panic. The thoughts come but you immediately calm them and instead of focusing solely on the obstacle, you look for escape routes. There in the left corner between the bolder and the walls that seems to be closing in, you see a crawl space, narrow enough for you to slip through. You collect yourself and within seconds of being overtaken, you dip for the crawl space, avoiding the obstacle and its force of reckoning. Looking back at what you perceived as a threat – impossible to overcome, you realize that you’ve escaped and are now, safe and sound.

Think about the last obstacle you may have faced. What thoughts were going through your mind? How did you perceive the obstacle? What emotions did you have? Were your reactions to the last obstacle you faced accurate? What is your pattern of responding to obstacles? I find that knowing all of the above, along with knowing ourselves helps in equipping us to deal with future obstacles. Obstacles are inevitable, they are apart of life. After all, it is another Monday and “These Mondays Just Keep On Coming.” Have a great week and remember to always put your best foot forward…. #JaneNotDoe

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