Managing MONDAY All Week Long

Happy Monday Morning. Here we are once again with the opportunity to press toward a desired goal. Whether it is short term (one you hope to reach this week) or long term, in order to reach it, there must be a completion of certain tasks or individual subsets. Each of those (tasks) equally important, carries its on weight. However, research shows that the mind constantly tricks us into believing that smaller tasks should be favored over major tasks. Simply because there’s a boost of gratification from accomplishing the smaller – quicker tasks. When in fact, it gives a FALSE sense of accomplishment.

Managing Mondays all week long is both an effort of strategy and time management, so let’s work to retrain the mind. Today (and all week long) try focusing on bigger tasks early on in your day, when you have the energy to do so. Save smaller tasks for later in the day when your energy levels are lower. Now this is not, a pass to be less effective/productive later in the day. So, remember to insert short breaks throughout, to rest, refresh and then to resume your efforts.

At the end of each day this week, take time to evaluate your time spent. Review your list of tasks completed/uncompleted and ask yourself, “was my day well spent or was it well wasted? Did I accomplish my goals, am I on track to meeting those goals? If you fell short, then no worries set your clock to Rise, Shine and Grind again….after all, this is definitely a work in progress………Here’s to managing Mondays all week long. Happy Monday All. #janenotdoe

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