It’s The Look Back For Me….

As an athlete (track and field participant) I ran the third leg of the 4×400 Relay in both high school and at the college level. As long as I can remember, my coaches always trained us not to look back while running our races. Why? Because it signaled a negative shift in the mindset of the runner. When a runner looks backwards, it is typically because they are afraid someone is catching up with them. At that point, they are no longer running their race or running to win, they’re now running to avoid losing the race. The runners mind then begins to focus on how to avoid losing, instead of how to win. The same as with life’s experiences, when attempting to separate ones self from toxic people, places & things, the effort to look back significantly reduces our momentum. It distracts the mind from the overall goal.

I am reminded of what Scripture references regarding Lots’ wife, an unnamed woman in the Bible. In Genesis 19:15-26, her husband was told to take her and her daughters out of the city of Sodom. While they were running, Lot’s wife looked back as the city burned, clearly disobeying the instructions her family had been given. Jewish commentary states that as a result of looking back, Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar (monument) salt. By looking back at the “evil cities,” she betrayed her secret longing for that (former) way of life. Pillar defined: tall vertical structure of stone, wood, or metal, used as a support for a building, or as an ornament or monument. A monument is often created in a space/place (splace) as a reminder of of something important in history that happened there.

Much like the reminder of Lot’s wife, there comes a time that a way of escape is made for us. Then the question comes, will you separate? much more, will you look back in longing for the toxic relationships or better yet situation-ships of the past? Let me once again remind you of the Runner. Looking back for him/her signals a negative shift in mindset. The momentum and the focus to win is then lost. At that point, they are no longer running their race or running to win, they’re now running to avoid losing the race. The next time that you are faced with looking back from your vision or overall goal (longing for past comforts), remember what “winning” means to you—a personal best, a victory. As you run, repeat the following mantra to yourself; Today I will keep my eyes forward, progressing towards my goals. Negative thoughts only have the power I allow them therefore; I release all the negativity within me and surrounding me, and open myself up to new forms of happiness and new forms of opportunities. Today I will keep my eyes forward. ~Blessings #janenotdoe

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