Building (again) From Scratch

This holiday season & even into the new year —- If you find yourself having to Build (again) From Scratch …Remember you’ve been there before. Having been there (before) is half the battle – in fact; in terms of numbers, it is 50% of the battle. Your memories, the euphoria (a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness) & the vibrations in the place of remembrance are not easily forgotten.  So, remember when? Add another 25% for simply having experienced the ‘building process” because the knowledge and skills alone gives you a head start … but don’t forget the ability to navigate the blueprint, that’s another 15%. Come on! you’ve got this! Ninety percent in and the last 10% is to believe, having faith and take action. Let’s look at the following five tips for Building (again) from Scratch.

1. Create/Envision the (desired) end results (in your mind).

2. Write the (desired) end result out from beginning to end – keeping it before your eyes.

3. Share the (desired) end result with those you trust to come into agreement and also speak positive along with you.

4. Have faith and take action toward the (desired) end result….

5. Lastly, Give Genuine Thanks for the (desired) end result…. (Daily)

I believe that we come to the table with the majority of what we need to rebuild, to restore, to replenish, to Build (again) From Scratch. Whether you gain insight from what I share here or if you have your own strategies for building, I pray you find the strength to Press on this holiday season and well into the new year. From my family to yours – I wish you genuine Holiday Greetings…may this time find you in a place of peace, prosperity, and much progress. ~jwill

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