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A Daily Revelation of Self

According to Burley–Allen (1995) “a stroke is any form of recognition or attention one person gives to another. Strokes are either positive or negative, expressed through physical touch or nonverbal behaviors (i.e. winks, frowns, smiles, gestures). Strokes can also be compliments or criticisms”. (Burley–Allen,… Continue Reading “A Daily Revelation of Self”

Inhaling and Exhaling

John Stewart (2012) used two very interesting terms (Inhaling and Exhaling) to describe the communication process. He further describes the communication process as ever-changing, multidimensional, sometimes confusing, continuous, etc. The term Inhaling refers to the perception and listening portion of the communication process and… Continue Reading “Inhaling and Exhaling”

Defeating Strongholds

Ask yourself the following questions; Do I see any attitudes, habits, or behaviors in my life that create an ongoing cycle of defeat and seem to be an avenue of negative influence? Do I wrestle with distorted messages, or negative self talk concerning my… Continue Reading “Defeating Strongholds”

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