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If It Didn’t Fit Then, Don’t Force It Now

Around this time of year things slow down for most of us…and rightfully so because for the last 10 months we’ve been pressing through and through. I am here to remind you that during this brief intermission it is imperative that you stay focused.… Continue ReadingIf It Didn’t Fit Then, Don’t Force It Now

Embrace The Awkwardness & Take The LEAP

Author Bryan Tracy wrote a piece on the subconscious mind and the experience of breakthrough. He reports that all of our habits of thoughts and behaviors are stored in our subconscious mind. In fact, according to Mr. Tracy the subconscious mind has memorized all… Continue Reading “Embrace The Awkwardness & Take The LEAP”

Managing MONDAY All Week Long

Happy Monday Morning. Here we are once again with the opportunity to press toward a desired goal. Whether it is short term (one you hope to reach this week) or long term, in order to reach it, there must be a completion of certain… Continue Reading “Managing MONDAY All Week Long”

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