I currently hold a Bachelors in SW, a SW license, a Masters in Business Administration and a host of human services certifications…………

HI I am Janie referred to by my close family and friends as Jane. Welcome to my about me page…..

My Experiences over the years…

(2016 – CURRENT)
I wrote and published my first book in 2016 (see materials page), after which my blog soon followed. All of my materials, books, etc. focus on transforming minds through the power of written and spoken words.

(2004 – CURRENT)
I began my Social work career (in 2004) with the Department of Social Services as a Human Services Specialist (child protective services to be exact). After which, I transferred to the education system, working with teen pregnancy prevention, then transitioned into position of School Social Worker. With years of experience, training and certifications, I continue to provide SW Consultation on several community partnerships – projects.

(2007 – CURRENT)
I began speaking and conducting professional trainings in November 2007. Some of my clients include Charleston County School District Head Start Program, Charleston County Communities in Schools, Beaufort County School District, Beaufort County Youth Conference and a host of churches, mentor programs and small businesses.

My mission: Transforming minds through the power of (positive) written and (positive) spoken words.

My Mode: The use of positive psychology strategies that helps to transform ones Mind, their Behaviors, and ultimately creating the Identity and Life you desire…. LET’S TALK MORE CONTACT ME TODAY……………………..

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