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Like Minds – Like Success

As we all wrap up 2021 and plans go in the works for beginning 2022 on the right/left foot – I encourage you to set SMART goals, not resolutions. Why? Because Research shows that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the beginning of… Continue Reading “Like Minds – Like Success”

Creating The Life You Want in 2015 ………….

It is soon to be 2015 and for many of us with the dawning of a New Year comes the setting of new goals and New Year resolutions. If we are honest with one another, we can admit that a couple of those goals/resolutions… Continue Reading “Creating The Life You Want in 2015 ………….”

A Season of Choice – Happy Thanksgiving (Re-posted)

With this being the season of Thanksgiving, I found it most fitting to share just one thing that I am thankful for. Although a bit non- traditional, I find myself most thankful for the freedom of choice. Having the freedom to choose has led… Continue Reading “A Season of Choice – Happy Thanksgiving (Re-posted)”

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