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Manifesting God’s Promises in Our Own Way….
When we resort to manifesting God’s promises on our own, we tend to introduce a set of problems for ourselves and for others. I am reminded of the relationship between Abram, Sarai and Hagar in the book of Genesis…. After waiting 10 years, Sarai is disheartened because she and her husband had yet to have a child. A child promised to them by G_d. This led to Sarai becoming impatient, which led to her offering her maidservant (Hagar) to Abram as concubine. Abram agrees and thus impregnates the young maid servant.

In Genesis 16:2 (Hebrew English Tanakh) Sarai stated: “Look the Lord has kept me from bearing. Consort with my maid; perhaps I shall have a son through her,” But after Hagar conceives, she looks upon Sarai contemptuously, or so her mistress believes. In return, Sarai treats the pregnant Hagar harshly, and she flees into the desert. An angel orders her back, telling her that her “wild” son is to be named Ishmael, meaning “God hears.”

Hagar and Abraham’s son is born and according to the Angel’s word, the child is called Ishmael. Approximately twelve/thirteen years later, (in her already – old age) Sarai becomes pregnant and bore Abraham’s son, named Isaac. As time goes by and due to continued contentious relationships, Abraham was forced to send his son Ishmael and his mother away for good. It is evident that the desires of one woman and the obedience of another were both of equal importance. Whether it is obedience of one or desire of another, the following should apply;

  1. Practice patience for the long haul
  2. Trust the Process/Journey of preparation
  3. Believe that the manifestations of the Most High comes right when you’re ready to receive it
  4. Do not take advantage of others (loyalty/obedience)

It is clear that G_d works despite of our misguided human efforts. Regardless of how a situation may look from our human perspective (physically/medically/spiritually), God continues to work both to accomplish His will and to fulfill His promises. God’s mercy is great, and no doubt His sovereign will is accomplished regardless of human frailty.

Blessings to each of you in 2021 & all season long..#janenotdoe

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