Conquer the World – Lil’ Girl!

Even as a young girl I was a lover of shoes. So much so that I would make my own shoes. The materials I used were wooden blocks, found lying around the ground outside. The wooden blocks were materials left over from the construction of my then childhood home.

My method for making the shoes: I would take the blocks and tie them to my feet with strings/rope tight enough to be worn like sandals. Definitely uncomfortable at best, but I wasn’t deterred. I would walk around outside on those wooden blocks, all stiff and everything, feet hurting from lack of arch support or cushion for that matter. It took a lot of CREATIVITY but in a child’s mind (in my mind) anything was possible.

Little did I know that, as a young girl, what I was passionate about, what I pretended to do would someday become my reality. So much so that one of my first business ventures was selling high quality, yet affordable, women’s shoes. I bought and sold women’s shoes via eBay, amazon, flea markets, Craigslist and shoe parties to name a few.

My childhood dreams coshoes2upled with CREATIVITY, encouraged me to reach for the stars. Never underestimate your dreams, for in them lies a treasure trove of possibilities, and undeniable greatness.  Conquer the World!

Excerpts from See Jane Run Girl Talk Guide

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