The Day of Mothers

It is Mother’s Day 2020 and we’re still on the cusp of the Covid-19 Quarantine season. Along with the rest of the world, my girls and I are doing our best to stay engaged. Some days for us, staying engaged is doing what we enjoy the most (dancing together). Recently while we danced, my mind drifted back to my parents living room. As a little girl, my mom would dance with my brothers and I. For hours, we would slip and slid across the hardwood floors bopping to music that played on the red velvet record player.

I can definitely say that I gained my love of dancing from my mother. As my mind replay the memories of us laying down our best moves, I realize as it was then, it still stands today – music unite generations.

As I watch my girls dancing around and hear the sound of their hearty laughter, I am even more appreciative of the memories of my mother. THOSE very memories – referred to as mental impressions retained/recollections) were created for such a time as this. The time in which she is no longer with us (in the flesh). The time, that I would need the strength of such loving memories to see me through the day.

Today, May 10, 2020 is Mother’s Day. It is the celebration/ honoring of mothers, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society all over the world. If we share a common bond and you too are missing your mother today, take a moment to do something in MotheRemembrance (in remembrance of your Mother). For me, it will no doubt be dancing around the living room with my girls.   

If you are blessed to still have your mother on this side of eternity, but the Corona Virus has thwarted your plans of gathering to celebrate her, there’s still time to be creative in MotheRemembrance (in celebration of your mother).

From my heart to yours – Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers far and wide! (To those who love you) You really are 1 in a Million!


In remembrance of our mother Violia A. Williams 10/1945 – 10/2010

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