The Carol’s Christmas Tradition

For years the Carol Family gathered together to enjoy their favorite Christmas traditions. Everyone came from far and near to give hugs, to eat, to laugh, meet the newest additions to the family, open gifts and to enjoy each others company.

This year would be different though. The Pandemic made sure of that. The Carols could only hope to carry on their traditions via zoom, like so many other families.

Maddie, one of the younger family members refused to accept that she wouldn’t be able to see her grandparents (G-ma & G-pa) this Christmas season. She thought long and hard and finally suggested that everyone should get together via zoom.  After all, zoom had become the go to technology for businesses, schools, and families alike, seeking to stay in touch during the height of the pandemic.

Excited about this new thought and the fact that most of the elder family members were willing to try it, Maddie began by enlisting the help of her twin sister Mayce to facilitate the Carols Zoom Christmas Gathering. The plan went something like this, “we will begin by singing our favorite Christmas carols, then we open our zoom secret santa gifts, we introduce the newest additions to our family”, Maddie exclaimed! With a loud shreek she let out the excitement she fought so hard to hide, but couldn’t. In the back of Maddie’s mind, she knew that this would be a difficult Christmas for her family, at the same time she also knew, it would be a different Christmas too.

For many this has not only been a difficult year, it has also been a different year! We’ve had to make changes, we have experienced paradigm shifts and traditions shattered. But wait, hold up 2020 isn’t over yet.

Here are some tips (shared in a previous post) for maintaining a stress free splace this holiday season;

  1. Implement a time for daily prayer/meditation/take time to recharge.
  2. Regularly – List five things that you are grateful for right now.
  3. Don’t play the victim. You create your life—take responsibility.
  4. Avoid Negative Self-Talk.
  5. Allow others to progress at their own pace.

As with Maddie and her family, how we finish this year is very important. Either we will (master the different) or we won’t (and succumb to the difficult)……..  We are almost there, but where is there? Where is it that we desire to be? I know for me, its a splace (space/place) that’s comfy and cozy, and covid free… Happy Holidays

My prayer of health, wealth and wisdom goes out to each of you this holiday season.


  • Note: this post is fictitious; fic·ti·tious. (fĭk-tĭsh′əs) Of or relating to the characters, settings, or plots (only) that are created for a work of fiction….please do not share/reuse without our permission. Thank you
  • Christmas Art (illustration) by: Jaire M. Brown

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