The Habits of Highly Effective People….

Former US President Dwight Eisenhower coined the concept known as The Eisenhower Principle. This Principle organized urgent tasks and important tasks based on their priority. The difference between the two are as follows;

  • Important tasks: are activities that lead to achieving your goals and have the greatest impact on your life.
  • Urgent tasks: are activities demand immediate attention, but are often associated with someone else’s agenda/goals rather than our own.

In 1994 Stephen Covey once again introduced the Eisenhower concept in his popular book; The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (a favorite on my book shelf). Would you agree that those who manage their time well are also those who are highly effective? I encourage you to take the time now (mid~week), to once again re-focus and refine your tasks or to do’s for the remainder of the week. Remember to prioritize what will have the greatest impact on your life’s purpose versus what is someone else’s personal agenda. By staying true to your own course, the desires of your heart and overall visions will soon be manifested.

We find ourselves mid~week and upon the eve of the next Presidential Inauguration, a historical one no doubt. With three more days in the week – I hope that this post and our ” Managing Mondays All Week Longpost has given some insightful inspiration regarding everyday habits and how highly effective they can be…… #staysafe #Janenotdoe

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