Wrestling with “The Inner Me”

Happy Friday to all and to all a Happy Friday. If you found yourself in any area of life having been “too hard on yourself”, forgive you and give you another chance at being the best YOU that YOU can be. The following is a poem of sorts that I wrote some years back and today I felt compelled to add a few more lines to it. I suspect as I go on living this life and fighting these mind over matter battles, that this poem will continue to gain meaning and growth. There are so many things that I encounter and in each, fixed mindsets, fortified paradigms, stinking thinking, all come to wage their separate battles….. BUT I am determined and where persistence and determination resides = I shall THRIVE… ENJOY “Wrestling with The Inner Me”………

Sorting through the years of what went right and what went wrong, I was left wondering why it took so long. Well here comes the reality; before I could ever adorn my predestined crown, deliver this city or it’s failing town – I had to admit that “I am my own worst enemy”. Wrestling everyday, with what lies are told in the depth of “The Inner Me”.

Time and time again, overcome by my own fears. Portraying on the outside, what contradicts the layers of “The Inner Me”. For who can admit that they held court on themselves, and dared to come up with a guilty plea? But there it was, right there for all to see. The greatest bout of the century and both competitors were me.

Two steps forward; three steps back, a shuffle to the left and glide to the right, determined to win this fight. I regained my composure – barely able to see. Then it was inevitable; in my minds eye, of whom I might add, is now free. I heard a little voice say “‘wait that’s me”. It is me; it was me; it forever will be all because I am, my own worst enemy. ~written by janie

Photo by Heloisa Freitas on Pexels.com

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