Just Tell Them – You Love Them

Happy Monday to you. I pray that this past Father’s Day weekend was some sort of enjoyable for you. My male friends always joke about the amount of love shown to them on Father’s Day versus what is shown on Mother’s Day. In some aspects it is true. I have observed it to be so myself. Therefore; I make it my mission to celebrate them because they are great Fathers and they too deserve (at least) some of the love us Mothers are shown on Mother’s Day. LOL

Although it was Father’s Day and the newly signed Federal Holiday (Juneteenth), I took some much needed time to just relax. I have come to learn and dually practice taking time for (my) self. I must confess that it has taken my mind some time to adjust and to adapt into belief that this is neither selfish, nor is it a waste of time. Why because relaxation tends to rejuvenate the mind for what is next to come. Something else that is never a waste of time, is telling someone that you love them… Whether it is your parents, your spouse, your children, your best friend, those words help to not only confirm your bond but it also helps to form the future and confirm the present.

Words are so significant in the scheme of things. These are words that go unsaid and are usually the ones that should have been spoken instead of those uttered to tear down. Those uttered to tear down for which you cannot take back. Let me repeat; words are used to form our future and to confirm our present. I strongly believe this. As some sort of encouragement to you, as you go along your journey this week, this month and the remainder of this year – take some time to tell your loved ones in the form of words (practice makes perfect) – how much you love them, it is never a waste of time. #Peace #Prosperity #Provisions #janenotdoe

Resource: What Is Juneteenth? – HISTORY

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

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