If It Didn’t Fit Then, Don’t Force It Now

Around this time of year things slow down for most of us…and rightfully so because for the last 10 months we’ve been pressing through and through. I am here to remind you that during this brief intermission it is imperative that you stay focused. Take this time to reflect on what has worked, what didn’t work and what won’t work for you, your family, your relationships, your business, your ministry etc.…. Losing focus right now will only allow the doors of distraction to fling wide open and with it comes regression. At this point, I whisper “you got this, don’t turn back because It didn’t fit then, don’t force it now”.

Soon (tomorrow, next week, next month) it will be a new season, a new start, and you having not folded will meet it with a renewed (fortified) mindset. #LetsGO


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